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Homeowner Maintenance Responsibilities

Homeowners are expected to maintain and keep their lot in good order and repair per the Indenture of Trust and Restrictions. (Section 10a.iv) Maintaining the home and property is a responsibility of every homeowner.

To assist existing, new, and prospective homeowners at the Meadows at Cherry Hills, below are a list of basic homeowner responsibilities that are expected. This not a comprehensive list and indentures should always be consulted.

  1. Cut lawn (weekly)

  2. Weed maintenance (seasonally/as needed)

    1. Weeding of garden beds

    2. Prevent weeds and fertilize lawns

  3. Trimming of bushes, hedges, and trees (seasonally/as needed)

  4. Pressure washing of siding to remove mold, mildew, and dirt (approx. every 1-3 years)

  5. Maintenance, including painting/repair of rotting wood, of fascia boards/trim (as needed)

  6. Maintenance, including painting, of mailboxes (as needed)

Failure to maintain and keep the lot in good order and repair will result in the HOA performing the required maintenance. The homeowner will be billed and a lien placed on the property.

The Meadows at Cherry Hills Homeowners’ Association has the following rights, powers, duties and obligations per the Indentures of Trust and Restrictions that can be executed:


Section 5.  Covenant for Maintenance Assessments


(e)  In addition, the Directors may levy a special assessment or charge against any Owner and/or Lot for all costs and expenses incurred, including costs of collection, interest, attorney’s fees and other associated costs for purposes of making repairs or maintenance to a Lot or improvements thereon, which repairs or maintenance the Owner has failed to make or for repairing any damage caused by an Owner or such Owner’s employees, agents, invitees or tenants.  Nothing herein shall be deemed to impose absolute liability without respect to fault or negligence upon the Owners for damage to the Common Properties or the Lots.



Section 9. Directors’ Duties and Powers


(b) To maintain, repair and replace any improvements on Lots which have been neglected and to charge the Owner thereof with the reasonable expense incurred, which shall be a by such Owner and improvements thereon pursuant to Section 5(e) hereof.


(g)  To clear rubbish and debris and remove grass and weeds from and trim, cut back, remove, replace and maintain trees, shrubbery and flowers upon any neglected property, and to charge the Owners thereof with the reasonable expense so incurred, which shall be a lien against such parcel of neglected property.  The Directors, or their agents or employees, shall not be deemed guilty or liable for any manner of trespass for any such abatement, removal or planting.



As homeowners, it is up to us to do all we can to maintain our investments. Maintaining the home and property will go a long way toward ensuring that our homes maintain or increase in value.

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