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Reference & FAQs

Please see indentures for full list.


  • Land owned by the Association; subdivision entrance areas and monuments, streetlights, storm water control easements, including lakes and other retention facilities, and paths.

  • To be used and enjoyed by the homeowners.


  • Common properties maintenance.

  • Promote recreation, health, safety and welfare.


  • Building, fence, wall, driveway or other structure or improvement.

  • Approved by the Directors. The Directors may appoint an Architectural Approval Committee.


  • Maintain, improve and operate common properties, including landscaping, shrubbery, decorations, buildings, recreational facilities and structures

  • Make contracts

  • Collect and use assessments for indenture specified item

  • Enforce assessment collection with liens


  • See Indentures


Question: What can I do about my neighbors uncut lawn?


(iv) Each Owner shall maintain and keep his Lot in good order and repair.

(g) To clear rubbish and debris and remove grass and weeds from and trim, cut back, remove, replace and maintain trees, shrubbery and flowers upon any neglected property, and to charge the Owners thereof with the reasonable expense so incurred, which shall be a lien against such parcel of neglected property. The Directors, or their agents or employees, shall not be deemed guilty or liable for any manner of trespass for any such abatement, removal or planting.

Questions: What is the earliest trash can be put on the curb? Can I keep my trashcan along side of my house?

(xv) No trash, garbage, rubbish, refuse, debris, trash cans or trash receptacles of any, type shall be stored in the open on any Lot, but shall be kept secured within the improvements located on each Lot; provided that after sunrise on any day designated for trash pick-up (the evening before)*, trash, garbage, rubbish, refuse and debris secured within appropriate trash cans or receptacles may be placed at the street curbing for pick-up; provided further that trash cans or receptacles shall be removed and secured within the improvements for each Lot prior to sundown of the same day.

* Denotes acceptable practice to the Directors in 2002.

Question: How long can trailers, campers and autos be on the streets and driveways?

(xiv) Personal property, including, without limitation, boats, trailers, trucks with a rated gross cargo capacity in excess of one (1) ton, campers and recreational vehicles, shall not be placed or stored permanently or temporarily in the open or in an unenclosed carport on any Lot, nor shall they or any motor vehicle of any type or description be parked for any time on the unpaved portion of any Lot or on any street overnight. For purposes hereof, overnight shall be defined as being any time between the hours of 12:00 Midnight and 8:00 AM.

Question: Where can I get parts for my mail box?

Florissant Ornamental Iron Works
225 Saint Francois St
Florissant, MO

$15.00 a set for the sign holders.

Question: Can I get a copy of the indentures?

There is a copy here on the website or contact a trustee

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